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Fat Cat Silhouette - Oliver Wood

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"There's a chair in my living room, right in front of a window," Oliver Wood says. "Every morning, I go down there to drink my coffee, meditate, and write. It's like a therapy session for me, because I can write without any specific goal in mind. I can be creative without being self-judgmental.”  

Many of the songs from Fat Cat Silhouette, Wood's second solo record, began taking shape in that chair. Produced by his Wood Brothers’ bandmate Jano Rix, it's an album of unexpected twists and turns. Longtime fans will recognize the earnest, elastic voice that has always anchored the Wood Brothers' mix of forward-looking folk and southern country-funk, but Fat Cat Silhouette doesn't spend much time looking backward. Instead, it abandons convention, breaks a few rules, and positions Oliver Wood as a roots-music innovator who's every bit as interested in the process as the product.

1. Light and Sweet 4:04
2. Whom I Adore 2:55
3. Little Worries 3:53
4. Grab Ahold 3:47
5. Yo I Surrender 3:42
6. Somebody Blues 4:07
7. Star in the Corner 3:24
8. Have You No Shame (ft. Katie Pruitt) 3:57
9. Fortune Drives the Bus 3:01